cora mylene​ tattoos


My books open 4 times a year on these dates:
-January 15th
-April 15th
-July 15th
-October 15th

These booking dates are the starting dates in which I will be responding to emails and setting appointments with new clients. This process can take 1-2 weeks. Once I have booked out for that quarter, I will close my books. If you do not get a personal email reply from me, I have booked all available appointments.

Please note that I only read emails from potential clients on and around those dates only (until I am booked out, which could take 1-2 weeks) so if you have sent me an email during a period when my books aren't open, send me another one on the next booking period!

​I always book my in-progress clients and past clients before taking on new people so some quarters may not have much availability, but I do my best to take on as many new clients as I can each quarter. I work hard to try to make everyone happy and I feel very fortunate for having more demand than I can keep up with. As a one-person business and operation, I can only do so much!

Thank you to all of you for reaching out to me or for considering me for your next tattoo. 

To know what information I will need from you in your inquiry, please see my 
Inquiries page.

For all other questions please go to the FAQ page.