cora mylene​ tattoos


When inquiring about a tattoo, please give me the following information in your email:

•A brief description of your tattoo concept and your style preference if you have one. 

•Desired size of tattoo and location on body (include all options if you are flexible on placement and/or size)

•Reference photos (if any) and short descriptions identifying what you like/dislike about the image so that I can understand what you like as best as I can. 

•Availability. Please note that weekends are booked the fastest, so include days/times that work for you during the week as well. I work Wednesday - Saturday and have 2 slots per day, noon and 5 pm. Please only give availability that falls within those days/times. 

Once that is done:

I will get back to you  to set up the appointment date(s) that would work for both of us. Once we agree on a date/dates, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the $100 non-refundable deposit payable by debit or credit card. I do not take cash for deposits. Until the deposit is received, your appointment is not guaranteed or held. 
Once the date and deposit is set up, I will let you know if I feel an in-person consultation is needed. I only book consultations with those that I need more clarification from, and most of the time corresponding via email about the tattoo concept/design works just as well and saves you a trip!

For additional info, please visit my FAQ page.